NeoGen is considered a non-surgical facelift as the results are comparable and, in most cases, far more natural-looking than surgery. Just one NeoGen PSR treatment will significantly improve skin quality. It can address wrinkles, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, skin laxity, fine lines, acne scars and visible pores. Treatment with NeoGen is also beneficial if you have issues around the eye area such as drooping eyelids or loose skin.

It is unique in its ability to safely treat the upper and lower eyelids resulting in what many people describe as a “non-surgical Blepharoplasty”. Unlike laser procedures which require corneal shields, the plasma energy delivered to the eyelid tissue does not penetrate through to the cornea making this incredibly safe. The results are consistent and dramatic leaving you with a natural more refreshed appearance. 

For patients that want to avoid fillers, NeoGen offers an incredible non-surgical facelift solution by supporting elastin and the production of collogen III which results in substantial improvement in volumetric change in the tissue. There is just nothing like NeoGen with respect to results.


-No surgery in the treatment area within the last year
-No aggressive treatments in the previous 4-6 months (deep peels, CO2, etc)
-Stop all RetinA within 10 days prior to treatment
-No Botox within the last 10 days prior to treatment
-No Fillers within the last 10 days prior to treatment
-No alcohol for at least 3 days prior to treatment
-No tanning 7 days prior to treatment
-Hydration is the key to optimal results.
-Drink electrolyte 2 x daily and increase your water uptake to 2 liters a day for 6 – 7 days prior to treatment.

Treatment times vary with individual goals, but generally, the procedure can be done in around 45-60 minutes for a full face and around 5-10 minutes for a smaller targeted area on the face.

There are immediate results that are visible. You may experience redness, and after 3-10 days, the upper layers of the treated skin will come away with washing your skin. Your skin will be bright and fresh. Plasma resurfacing triggers collagen and elastin reproduction, which take time to build. You should be able to see a difference in your skin lifting and tightening beginning three 3 months after your treatment(s). Patients report seeing improvement for up to one to two years.

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